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Looking for a multiple listing service in toronto ?

Welcome to is a dedicated web site marketing the sale of property and real estate all over the world. The web site is a marketing portal for online sales or as a clearing house for worldwide property of all types. Residential, commercial, industrial, recreational property and memorial plots.

To be directed to you must  have showed interest in buying a property on one of the web sites that use as their selling vehicle. Once you have identified a property you are interested in buying, you would be directed,  transferred or linked here to begin a property purchase by either a For sale, Early bird offer sale or an online Auction method.

For Sale

Property listed with an asking price or asking price range. Just make an offer.

Early Bird offer

Is a system of purchasing a property before an auction campaign begins, users can submit offers to buy a property before it goes to auction, at a reduced cost. This gives you the ability to purchase a property before auction without worrying about competing buyers.
Simply place offers on the selected property and if you reach the undisclosed “early bird offer” price the property is yours.(subject to conditions)


Once a property has completed an early bird offer phase it will be auctioned. To bid on a property, go to the property and place your bid, the highest bid above the reserve price at the auction closing time will be deemed the purchaser.(subject to conditions)

If the highest bid is under the reserve price, the offer will be reviewed and may or may not be accepted.

If you have not selected a property please click on the following links for property in the respective countries.

For Philippines property click on

click here for outsourced accounting in Thailand

If you have selected a property then you must simply register and enter the web site.

If your already registered click here to login, or if not, use the register tab on the left hand menu.

You can also try the Buying Process tab on the left hand side menu for further detail on purchasing a property.

When you have finished your purchase, offer or bid, simply use the logout tab at the bottom of the left hand menu.




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