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Frequently Asked Questions

What is e-property trading?

How easy is it to buy property through e-property trading?

What is a For Sale property?

What is an Early Bird Offer?

What is an Online Auction?

What countries can I view property in?

How do I search for property ?
Use the search engine on the left side menu. You can search by location, property type and / or price. You must however be registered to search, offer or bid?

How do I register?

How do I qualify to offer or bid?
You must be registered, you must have supplied required documents and you must have selected a property. Noting the property reference number will allow for quicker access.

What are the required documents?

How long will qualifying take?
Almost immediately once you lodge the required documents. But please allow up to 12hrs due to international time differences.

How do I buy a property for sale?

How do I purchase under an Early Bird Offer?

What is the special price point
Most of our properties have pre established undisclosed special price points. Make an offer which reaches the 'Special Price Point' and the property is yours to buy(conditions apply).

This is a perfect opportunity to buy property before it goes to auction, guaranteeing that you will not be buying property under pressure from competitive bidders.

How do I purchase by Online Auction?

What happens if I make the successful purchase ?
With the purchase of property from all types of sales categories, your information is referred to the vendor via the property website where you first viewed the property. Please contact for further information.

What happens if my offer isn't successful?

What happens if the highest bidder doesn't lodge an acceptable deposit within 24 hours?

What happens if I am the acceptable purchaser?

What financing options do i have?

Who do i contact if i have further questions?


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